The New Jobs in Architecture

M. Joseph Freiha had the honour to moderate a great panel with Odile DECQ founder of Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture and Cristina Mateo Rebollo, Executive Director of IE School of Architecture and Design, which took place at the START fair organized by Le Monde.
As Cristina and Odile explained, Architects are the Strategists of the future. Their trained curiosity and creativity allows them to always be on the forefront of life in Society, whether conceiving an object, a building or a city.
It is very interesting to see how these two avant-garde schools are constantly creating and adapting ways we teach Architecture, “for 21st Century Students…” among which 60% of women, in a profession which was considered not so far ago, a man’s world.

Thank you Cristina and Odile for these great insights and see you next Saturday for the next conference around Studying in Spain.

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