Cooking Class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

We hosted a cooking class at the infamous Cordon Bleu the culinary arts and hotel management institute in Paris. The event brought together current admitted students and esteemed alumni, all eager to indulge in the art of pastry-making. Under the expert guidance of skilled chefs, the participants crafted choux pastry with lemon basil cream, mastering the delicate balance of flavors and textures. The class proved to be a huge success, not only in culinary achievements but also in fostering new connections and friendships among the students.

The event served as a delightful prelude to their upcoming journey to Spain, and allowed them to interact with alumni who once embarked on the same journey as them.

Sky is the Limit

In a captivating event held at Paris’ tallest landmark, Espace 56 in the Montparnasse Tower, we celebrated a legacy of progress and innovation.

Gonzalo Garland and Geoffroy Gérard eloquently illuminated our university’s remarkable journey over the past five decades, and offered a compelling glimpse into the the next 50 years. Julia Sanchez, Head of Alumni Relations at IE,n also moved hearts with her account of the university’s profound impact on lives through the IE Foundation.

To celebrate the success of our French alumni, One for all and All for One allowed former students to present their startups, NGOs and groundbreaking ventures. The ethos of unity and support shone bright so a big thank you and congratulations to all who pitched!

The pitches were followed by a convivial champagne reception and dinner at le Ciel de Paris, which facilitated a lot of meaningful exchanges.

This unforgettable gathering embodied the spirit of achievement, collaboration, and shared aspirations that define our IE community.

Photo Session with Thierry Van Biesen

Capturing the essence of professionalism and confidence, we organised a headshot photoshoot event for both new admitted students and alumni. The occasion featured the talents of a star photographer Thierry Van Biesen who collabortaed with famous brands and personalities (Dior , Chanel, L’oreal, BPI, EDF,…).

The process allowed the participants to get a taste of a real photoshoot and learn to be comfortable in front of a camera. Theirry and his team put everyone at ease and as they stepped in front of the lens, they radiated self-assurance and determination, knowing that these headshots would be invaluable assets for their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional endeavors.

The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement and camaraderie as students and alumni mingled, sharing tips and encouragement.

IE Masterclass – “Navigating uncertainty”

Given by Gayle Allard, Professor of Economics IE Business School

The current economic environment is shrouded in uncertainty over bank crises, future interest rate moves, the war in Ukraine, and above all the looming threat of recession.

Gayle Allard, IE Professor of Economics, discussed the current short-, medium-and long-term outlook and give some clues to what awaits us in the future, and how it will affect the business outlook.

Santiago Iniguez book presentation in Paris “Philosophy INC.: Applying Wisdom to Everyday Management”

Given by Santiago Iniguez, President of IE University

This conference was nothing short of inspiring, featuring a thought-provoking panel moderated by the esteemed journalist and higher education expert, Matt Symonds, joined by Laurent Choain, Chief of Leadership, Education, and Culture Mazars, and Santiago Iniguez, President of IE University and author of ‘Philosophy INC: Applying Wisdom to Everyday Management’.

Our panelists delved into a range of profound topics, from wisdom and integrity to the impact of artificial intelligence on leadership, education, and culture, the discussions provided invaluable insights that left attendees empowered and enriched.
We were delighted to welcome a diverse audience of educators, executives, IE Alumni, and leaders from various industries.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Santiago, Matt, and Laurent, as well as to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. We truly appreciate the opportunity to bring together such a talented and diverse group of individuals.

IE Master Class – “Positive Leadership & The Next Best You.”

Given by Lee Newman, Dean of IE Business School

We had the pleasure of welcoming Lee Newman, Dean of IE Business School where he hosted an insightful Masterclass on purpose, positive leadership and how to always chase ‘The Next Best You’.

Lee explored how we can recognize negative and send out positive emotions in our work and daily lives in a unique and striking way. Human beings unknowingly take two types of pills every day that strongly influence the way we perform, think and behave. – blue 🔵 and red 🔴 pills, blue pills being positive emotions while the red are negative.

As leaders we should be acknowledging the ratio of blue to red pills being received and handed out in the workplace to create a healthy work environment, enabling people to be the best version of themselves.

Thanks again to Lee Newman for giving such a successful conference and for taking us on the journey to find our purpose.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all attendees, IE Alumni and guests for coming and remember to keep chasing the #NextBestYou.

IE Master Class – “Fintech in the current post-covid uncertain times”

Given by Pablo Soler Bach, Adjunct Professor at IE Business School and Visiting Professor at the Università delgi Studi di Trento.

The exceptional circumstances of a pandemic, with more than three billion people quarantined and mobility restricted for many months over the globe, had a significant impact in all aspects of our lives, and sped up digitalisation, remote work or adoption of digital signature, regtech or cybersecurity. While that was a boost for many fintechs, the current high inflation and uncertainty environment is cooling investment and growth of the sector.
Some Financial sectors will have to rethink their business models, as car Insurance or neobanks, while others will have a unique opportunity to grow or become mainstream, such as biometric payments, consumer lending or wealth management, as people change the way they consume and invest, becoming more educated and socially conscious.
As said by Churchill, “never waste a good crisis”.

IE Master Class – “Going Digital – How to Manage Successful Change.

Given by Balvinder Powar, partenaire fondateur, membre du conseil d’administration et directeur de BOOSTER Space Industries et AERDRON.

“We are in a revolution in attention!”

The traditional role of sales, marketing and communications within Brands continue to experience massive disruption. Gone are the days when a simple advertising campaign could drive sales and a company’s bottom line. Consumers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to how and when and where they come into contact with your Brand. The question is: How can you harness the power of storytelling to drive the customer experience in your Brand’s world?

Consider the entire customer experience… from the moment your customer first becomes aware and comes in contact with your brand…through the sales experience… and finally to the post purchase experience. In this Master Class, we examined how Brands take control of their own narrative and deliver the right content at the right time and at the right place to shape our customer’s purchasing decisions and build loyal customers who come back to us time and time again.

How do Brands do it? They TELL POWERFUL BRAND STORIES.

IE Master Class – “Secret Sauce : Work Organization in 2022 and beyond. What can we learn from the recent years and high performers ?”

Event in English

Given by Domenico Pinto, an entrepreneur who has worked with leaders and organizations from all around the globe and across several continents

In this experiential session, Domenico Pinto provided key insights into trends and patterns of organizational behavior and design. Further, we have explored practical elements of Leadership and delved into what is expected and needed to be a contemporary leader. Then, D. Pinto looked into what is crucial today to attract and retain talent as well as explore examples of high-performance organizations.

Workshop : “The art of personal branding – featuring Elevator Pitch in Action”

Paris & Lille

Given by Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Chief Talent Officer at Highered.

During this interactive and practical session, Prof. Wigmore Alvarez provided key insight into how to craft an effective elevator pitch, a vital step toward advancing in your career by leveraging executive presence, linking networking with personal branding and body language, in order to create that lasting image that differentiates you from the rest of the candidates in a selection process or rather leads to upward mobility within your organization. The masterclass provided real-life pitch experience tailored to your career goals.