Digital Communication

Inovad & Digital Marketing

Building a brand necessarily takes into account a strong and aligned multi-channel digital communication strategy. From the creation of your website, to the launch of accounts and groups on social networks, Inovad supports you at every step to ensure the consistency of your message throughout all customer contact points.

Analysis and Formalization of requirements

Brand strategy definition
Analysis of buyer personas
Ranking and organizing needs
Creation of marketing plan

Drafting of website specifications

Translation of customer needs
Definition of user experience objectives
Rendering of site structure and main navigation
Referencing and optimization
Invitation to tender or selection procedure

Construction of the graphic charter

Definition of color palette
Logo design creation
Development of brand-specific motifs or illustrations
Creation of communication templates

Development of the site and/or application

Choice and purchase of the domain name
Website hosting
Testing and deployment of site or application
Ongoing maintenance

Social Networks & Growth Marketing

Content & Community Management
Development of online advertising strategy
Creation and execution of advertising campaigns
Performance tracking and analysis


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Modern research on the internet is based on words, or more precisely, key expressions.
We must therefore ensure that your site is written using (in a controlled way) a selection of key phrases that best characterize it.
A website with original and quality content will be much more easily visible on the phrases it contains, and which must be the translation of the website activity.
This is called SEO.

SEO Strategy:

We assist you in highlighting your areas of activity, in optimizing your product lines and services, then we agree on a wbesite structure through the effective value of the various components of your offer. This will be a basic specification, detailing one page site content, which is then optimized at all levels: from the domain name, to the page titles, text, links, images, tags, etc.). This work should be done before starting the actual website development for a better and quicker result.

Manual Submission

A fundamental criterion for a website’s success is to be well positioned in the search engines, ie various sites, popular preferences, links to it.
But although it is possible to promote the website via automated tools, it is highly preferable that it is done by a human, webmaster or SEO provider, which makes the job of presenting the website, get it indexed and linked in other sites (directories, blogs,..) who appreciate the content value.

Referencing Formulas :

We offer various forms of SEO depending on the means and expectations of our customers.

Launch Formulas :

The standard pack accompanying the launch of our websites, including optimizing content, creating page titles and meta tags, and an entry in a first circle of search tools accompanying the first months.

Tailor made Formulas:

To go further, we support you in the development of the site content (news, blog articles, etc.), the steady strengthening of the reputation of the site through news distribution, development of presence in web directories, of writing blog posts or adding targeted comments, or the promotion of the site on social media, …

It is important to note that the work on SEO, is always a “work in progress”, should be done gradually, and it takes time to produce significant effects. But in consideration of the relative inertia at the beginning, this work produces long-term effects.


It has become essential not to discard what relates to your brand and your company name on the web. It is important to occupy the field by communicating and to avoid leaving the space to criticisms more or less spontaneous. It is also necessary to keep an effective watch, allowing you to react quickly should a threat to your online reputation come to dawn on the web;

1.  Your web presence should ideally cover the main means of communication, that are, of course one or several websites (corporate site, brand site, site for products or distribution points) depending on your business, one or several blogs, YouTube channels for your videos, groups, and pages on social networks, whether general (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter) or more professional ones like LinkedIn, Viadeo … After defining a comprehensive strategy and a specific editorial policy for each channel, our team can assist you in the creation and animation of these medias.

2. We will provide periodic internet watch on your brand, company name, the name of your products and all defined terms following an audit of potential vulnerabilities. You will be notified at the slightest alarm, and will receive additional information on the site where possible attacks would be published. In this case, we will define together the most appropriate response to attacks that may occur.

Social activism
Beyond SEO, the presence on major social networks becomes essential to the reputation of a company, as well as the communication possibilities they provide. We propose a specific community leadership, both for the animation of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn pages and activism on other specialized networks which can provide quality traffic.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Adwords

It is often useful to complement the work on SEO with advertising campaigns which will display your website on specific and well visible parts of the search engines results pages (sponsored ads, sponsored links, …)

In this case, Google (to name only the main solution, adwords) plays the role of an advertising agency, and rents these sponsored results to the most relevant advertisers (and the highest bidders) for each search.

Creation of Adwords Campaigns

We guide in defining the best settings for your campaigns, in terms of targeted audience, geographical parameters, language, etc.

The sharper the segmentation is, the better results and ROI of your campaigns; we help you select the best keywords, broadcasted networks, and ad texts, …

Note that unlike SEO, adwords campaigns can have an instant effect on your traffic growth, but conversely, when you stop a campaign that traffic can disappear instantly.

Animation and Re-optimizing Adwords Campaigns

Over time, adwords campaigns can be increased, reduced and re-optimized for better SEO.

For each new product or business lines, we assist you creating new campaigns or new ad groups.