Welcome to Inovad

Through an integrated approach, Inovad helps you define your marketing strategy and deploy it nationally and internationally.

From initial strategic thinking to operational deployment with commercial networks, we support you at every stage of your brand development.

We will put at your disposal our competence in multi-channel digital communication, with the development of websites, associated applications and the personalization of their presence on the network …

Our expertise

Strategy & Branding

  • Business Plan
  • Business Modeling
  • Brand Positioning
  • Multi-brand Strategy

Marketing Environment

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Brand Audit
  • Market Study
  • Business Operations Audit
  • Traffic Analysis

Communication Commerciale

  • Point  of Sale
  • Communication
  • Brochures
  • Product Promotions

Marketing Digital

  • Website development
  • SEO & Web Visibility
  • SEM & Web ads
  • Social Media & Multi-channel strategy

Business Development

  • Product & Brand Launching
  • Marketing Mix
  • Export Management
  • Multi-channel Distribution
  • Geo-Marketing


Strategy and Marketing Consulting

Inovad helps you define your Brand Strategy From the analysis of the environment to the implementation of a digital marketing strategy


Knowledge and Analysis of the Environment

  • Market Research
  • Analytics and Customer Targets
  • Competition Analysis


Definition of the Strategy

  • Creating the Promise of the Brand
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creation of the graphic charter and declination in communication media


Marketing Mix

  • Definition of Products and Services
  • Pricing Policy
  • Circuits of Distribution
  • Communication Policy


Inovad and Digital Marketing

The construction of the brand now necessarily passes through the multi-channel digital communication. From the creation of your website, to the launch of groups on social networks, to the organization of Web campaigns, Inovad accompanies you at all stages to ensure the coherence of your message to all points of contact with customers.

Analysis and Formalization of Needs

  • Given the brand’s strategy
  • Customer Targets
  • Definition of The objectives of the sites

Drafting Specifications

  • Translation of Customer Needs
  • Validation by the Customer

Construction of the Graphic Charter

  • Validation by the Customer

Site and / or Application Development

  • Choice and Purchase of the Domain Name
  • Accommodation
  • Updates



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