Inbound Marketing

Why inbound ?

Do you like receiving advertising emails to your inbox? Are you happy with companies calling your phone to advertise without your consent? Or worse still, cold calling at your front door to try and sell you a product which you might not even want? These advertising techniques are not only costly and time-consuming, but they are also intrusive.

We know that effective marketing does not have to be intrusive.

Inbound strategy enables potential clients to come to you and find your business naturally, while you offer them relevant content adapted to helping them find what they are looking for. This method of marketing could save you precious time, money, and resources while attracting 3x more potential clients to your business than traditional marketing strategies.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is based on a content creation strategy that attracts visitors to your website and blog, converting them into leads and then into customers through different techniques such as marketing automation, lead nurturing, engagement on social networks and blogging.

This type of marketing is nowadays one of the most efficient, making it easier for customers to find what your company offers, through an interesting journey. It’s all about customers finding you because they are looking for your services, rather than you having to focus on targeting them. This method then converts leads into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into promoters through the work of marketing, sales and customer service teams.

This marketing strategy is facilitated by the integration and adoption of all-in-one reporting tools that prove the return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts.

Below is a diagram to show you how the inbound process works.








Social Media

Landing Page

Thank you Page

Call to action

Lead nurturing



Emails and Workflows

Social networks



Special content


You’ve developed your marketing strategy. Now it’s time to attract visitors to your site…

The objective at this stage is to attract to your website visitors who will be interested in your products and services.

So how do you do this?

By publishing content optimized to search engine results and replying to questions your buying personas may have.

Doing this means your potential clients will find your site naturally by searching for answers to their problems on google or other search engines.


Once you have attracted visitors to your site, you need to identify and convert visitors into leads…

This is done by producing high quality content which can be accessed or downloaded for free by prospects visiting your site.

Sharing relevant and free downloadable content will encourage these visitors to share their professional
information with you. This information is incredibly valuable to you and allows you to identify potential clients, while using only the data they provided to you.


The next step in the inbound process is concluding sales…

By now you have attracted potential clients to your site, gained their trust through obtaining their professional information that they willingly shared with you, and you have converted these visitors into leads. Now it is time to turn these leads into clients.

There are several techniques you can use, but the key is to take into account the behaviour of your buyers through your knowledge of buying personas and the content they engage with on your site. This will give you an idea about which of your services they may be searching for, which will help you to focus your efforts in a relevant way.


What your clients say matters, more than anything. The final step is about forming a great partnership…

Anyone can claim that their business delivers, but testimonies from the people who work with you tell the real story. When clients are delighted with your products and services, they will want to share their positive experiences with other likeminded professional partners. This is why an overwhelmingly positive client experience should be delivered in every interaction you have with everyone who engages with your services.

Personalized newsletters, satisfaction questionnaires, responsiveness on your different channels (chatbots, emails, social networks), invitations to events, greeting cards, birthday cards and so on are all great examples of providing an invaluable personal experience for the client.

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How does the inbound process with us work?

1. First is the discovery step – do we fit?

We need to know, first and foremost, if we are right for you and your business. Our primary concern is building trust between us and our clients and building their confidence in what we do. We realize that we are not going to be the best possible match for every business and that every business has its own unique needs. Now you have found us, you can discover more about how we can work together and then request a consultation to discuss further.

2. Then, we can explore opportunities

During your consultation we can discuss your business goals and where you are now, but more importantly, where you want to be. We would love to start the conversation and see how we could best work together to help you hit targets and achieve your goals. Your needs are as unique as your business itself so by getting to know each other, we can get an idea of what services you could benefit from and what we can bring to the table.

3. We usually start a collaboration with a 2-Day marketing workshop

This workshop will help you build a 360° vision of your business and its future. This is all about a realistic assessment of how you are doing and how we can work to make improvements. We will help you to define your target market and buyer personas, set up a detailed calendar to organize your content and we will work together to identify how we can push your business forward. This is an important step in the inbound process as it will define how you move forward in the future in an organized way.

4. Building a long-term Partnership between us

Once the marketing plan is established, we will accompany you in its implementation through online and offline marketing actions (content creation, lead generation, advertising…). We usually prefer to accompany you on a long-term basis, which we believe is more efficient than spot-actions. It is by being consistent and tenacious that we build a sustainable growth and enter the virtuous circle of inbound marketing: to Attract, Engage and Delight your clients

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How can we work together ?


Generating traffic

  • Blog management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media posts
  • Content creation and strategy
    (blog entries, videos, advertising)
  • Alignment with commerical strategy
  • Configuration of reporting tools

Converting Leads

  • Creating conversion paths
  • Sales through social media
  • A/B testing
  • Managing advertising campaigns

Lead nurturing

  • E-mail marketing
  • Automatization
  • Personalized content and offers
  • CRM integration


Implementating CRM

  • Creating personalised views and fields on websites
  • Configuring transaction methods
  • Importing and updating databases
  • Continuous management andorganization of CRM

Sales development

  • Configuring tools for conversation and calling, automatization and promotional e-mails
  • Creating commercial documents
  • Creating destination pages for businesses

Commercial and marketing alignment

  • Defining Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
  • Developing a framework contract
  • Transfer of leads and feedback
  • Evaluating commercial content

Client Services

Technical support

  • Adding communication channels
  • Configuration of a message inbox and chatbot for support and customer services
  • Setting up a ticket system on-site

Knowledge base

  • Creating and installing a knowledge base
  • Content creation “self service”
  • Updating knowledge base


  • Configuring client feedback tools and studies of net recommendations, client satisfaction, etc
  • Analysis and sharing key feedback information
  • Creating programmes forclient promoters of your business

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Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing – what’s the difference?

Outbound marketing is what used to just be known as “marketing.” It can be interruptive, and it pushes itself at an audience, whether the audience wants it or not. TV and radio ads, telemarketing, banner and display ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, cold calling, pop-ups and pop-unders are all examples of outbound marketing. This method means sales reps or marketers approach someone without knowing if he or she is even a qualified lead.

Inbound is all about avoiding any kind of forceful or unwarranted marketing techniques. Here’s a breakdown of some different techniques involved in these two styles of marketing.

Paid/Rented Email Lists

TV, Radio, and Print Ads

Billboards and Outdoor Advertising

Press Releases

Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders

Contextual Ads

Outbound Sales Calls

Trade Show Booths

Banner and Display Ads

Paid App Reviews

Video Ads

Opt-In Email Lists

Authorizing Books/Print Media

Supporting/Sponsoring Events

Press and Public Relations

Though Leadership

Community Building

Influencer Outreach


Content Creation and Marketing

Oragnic App Store Visibilty

Video Content

“ I think outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective over time for two reasons. First, your average human today is inundated with over 2000 outbound marketing interruptions per day and is figuring out more and more creative ways to block them out, including caller ID, spam filtering, Tivo, and Sirius satellite radio. Second, the cost of coordination around learning about something new or shopping for something new using the internet (search engines, blogs, and social media) is now much lower than going to a seminar at the Marriott or flying to a trade show in Las Vegas. ”

– Brian Halligan, Co-Founder and CEO of Hubspot

Inovad is a Hubspot certified Partner

What about pricing for our other marketing services?

It’s not about the individual pieces, it’s about the total package. We can help you with marketing consulting, content creation, business blog strategy, inbound marketing website redesigns, PPC or Adwords, SEO, and many other online marketing solutions on an hourly basis or via a monthly retainer.

Let’s talk, so we can learn more about your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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