Santiago Iniguez book presentation in Paris “Philosophy INC.: Applying Wisdom to Everyday Management”

Given by Santiago Iniguez, President of IE University

This conference was nothing short of inspiring, featuring a thought-provoking panel moderated by the esteemed journalist and higher education expert, Matt Symonds, joined by Laurent Choain, Chief of Leadership, Education, and Culture Mazars, and Santiago Iniguez, President of IE University and author of ‘Philosophy INC: Applying Wisdom to Everyday Management’.

Our panelists delved into a range of profound topics, from wisdom and integrity to the impact of artificial intelligence on leadership, education, and culture, the discussions provided invaluable insights that left attendees empowered and enriched.
We were delighted to welcome a diverse audience of educators, executives, IE Alumni, and leaders from various industries.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Santiago, Matt, and Laurent, as well as to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. We truly appreciate the opportunity to bring together such a talented and diverse group of individuals.