IE Master Class – “Artificial Intelligence: How it transforms business and what is to come next.”

Given by Konstantina Valogianni an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at IE Business School.

Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the way companies do business. Despite the proven benefits of AI, industries have adopted AI in different ways and with different speed and commitment. Nonetheless, terms like Deep Learning or even more arcane ones like Deep Reinforcement Learning are becoming more frequent in managerial conversations. AI experts are becoming the emergent “gate-keepers” of AI-driven business models. This masterclass was aimed at establishing an understanding of the main AI concepts, showcasing what AI can do for organizations. We also explored the boundaries of AI and highlight the role of humans in this 4th Industrial Revolution.

IE Master Class – “The Metaverse : The Winner takes it all.”

Lyon & Paris

Given by Professor Manuel Lopez Martín de Blas, an MBA professional with more than 25 years of consultancy experience in Pharma, Hi-Tech, Chemical, Retail, and FMCG industries

The “metaverse” as announced by Facebook is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you. Movies like Matrix or Ready Player One brought a glimpse of a digital universe. The implications are huge, and the opportunities are just beginning to show.

The session focused on the potential benefits and threats of the Facebook metaverse, (economic, social, political, etc.), where a first-mover will take all and create a parallel digital world.

Workshop – “How Business Leaders learn from Art today.”

Super inspiring talks made by Nir Hindi and Masaaki Hasegawa, alumni of IE Business School and IE School of Human Sciences and Technology (HST).
Great insights on how we can enhance our creative mindset and go out of our comfort zone; in addition to creating innovative teams and organizations.
This IE Business & Art day was crowned by a VIP visit of Fondation d’entreprise Louis Vuitton thanks to Laure de Dampierre.

IE University & IE Business School

Inovad respresents in France IE University, one of the leading Education Institutions in the world. Created in 1970 around the Business School (ranked Best Business School in Europe by Financial Times in 2013), IE is now comprised of 5 schools all at the best level in their disciplines:

  • IE Business School
  • IE Law School
  • IE School of Human Science & Technology
  • IE School of Architecture & Design
  • IE School of Global & Public Affairs
  • IE School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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IE Venture Day Francophone – Big Data and Connected Objects

Organization of the First Francophone competition around Big Data and Connected Objects.
The IE Francophone Venture Day was held in Paris on October 16, 2015, and involved 39 partners from 12 Francophonic countries, and was organized in collaboration with IE Business School and IE France Club.
The event was attended by 300+ persons and was live broadcasted in more than 12 countries.

Women in Leadership

Great panel tonight by top MBA alumni and Marta Gomes Spohr from IE Business School at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in paris with Forte Foundation, encouraging women to do MBA programs and move upwards in their careers.
The Panel from IE, HEC, Insead, IESE and other Top European MBAs shared their MBA experiences and the impact it had on their careers and personal development.
All these Schools are encouraging more women to join their MBA programs, and are involved in Women in Leadership actions.

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The New Jobs in Architecture

M. Joseph Freiha had the honour to moderate a great panel with Odile DECQ founder of Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture and Cristina Mateo Rebollo, Executive Director of IE School of Architecture and Design, which took place at the START fair organized by Le Monde.
As Cristina and Odile explained, Architects are the Strategists of the future. Their trained curiosity and creativity allows them to always be on the forefront of life in Society, whether conceiving an object, a building or a city.
It is very interesting to see how these two avant-garde schools are constantly creating and adapting ways we teach Architecture, “for 21st Century Students…” among which 60% of women, in a profession which was considered not so far ago, a man’s world.

Thank you Cristina and Odile for these great insights and see you next Saturday for the next conference around Studying in Spain.

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Study in Spain

Spain is one of the top choices for French students willing to study abroad. Beyond the outstanding quality of life that it offers, Spain has a number of Universities in the Champions League of their category.
Great panel at the Study Abroad fair organized by L’Etudiant. Thanks a lot to the attendees who braved the transportation problems in Paris and were present to discuss about their future.

“How is Blockchain shaking up the start-up industry?”

Since its inception by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Blockchain applications have evolved from the niche world of cryptography researchers and coders to the spotlights of skyrocketing cryptocurrencies valuations. The unforeseen rush on Initial Coin Offerings, as a new form of fundraising for startups, has completely reshuffled the traditional financing ecosystem to the point where venture capitalists’ model is being questioned. At a higher level, financial institutions and governments struggle to classify this new asset class.

Thanks a lot for the great talk Alexandre BUSSUTIL around startup financing, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is incredible how things are moving fast, with all the risks and opportunities that come up. We are living in a high-speed era…mesmerizing!

Conference – Studying abroad

Great audience engagement in the conférence Partir Etudier à l’Etranger at the Salon des Grandes Ecoles fair. It is always a pleasure to share the Panel with Elodie Luquet from HEC Montreal, Arnaud Breuneval from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Sandra Jacqueson from Université de Montréal and Claire Bourgeois from ILERI. Thanks to Sylvie Lecherbonnier from Le Monde for her enthusiastic moderation. IE Business School