The New Jobs in Architecture

Honored and humbled to animate the conference on the New Jobs in Architecture with Odile DECQ and David Goodman at Start fair organized by Le Monde in Paris.

Architecture studies are much more open and international at IE School of Architecture and Design as well as Confluence.

How people use their Mobile Phones

A very interesting study taken from the “Seven Shades of Mobile” study, conducted by InsightsNow for AOL and BBDO, 2012.

It clearly shows the mis-understanding by marketers on the usage of mobile devices by users, and how the ad budgets are still significantly undervalued in comparison with the amount of potential airtime.

The most striking element in the study shows that the “me time” (time spent for my own leisure), represents 2/3 of the overall time spent on a smartphone (excludind text and voice calls).  And this time is the least effective in terms of ads reception by the user.

For more details, check this link.

Study method: In the first phase, 24 users completed a seven-day diary and in-depth interviews. In the second, 1,051 U.S. users ages 13 to 54 were surveyed, data on 3,010 mobile interactions were collected, and the mobile activities of two-thirds of those users were tracked for 30 days.

Saas, PaaS, and laaS, illustration!

Cloud Computing, Big Data, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, all these terms used every day and everywhere, are often confusing.

Here is a very interesting pattern made ​​by ProfitBricks which explains the differences between these concepts through the example of

SalesForce is clearly the best SAAS example, since their model was initially built in SAAS mode (Software as a Service).

PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are much less known and are clearly explained in this long illustration.